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To add a Tooltip you will need to first be editing a page or post. Highlight the text/content that you would like to be hovered or clicked to display the tooltip. Then click the Tipsy icon in the WYSIWYG editor. Select the Tipsy group you would like to use and provide the test/content you would like to display within the Tipsy tip. This can be test or other HTML elements, even video.


Display your Tipsy in style by using the shortcode [tipsy content="tip content goes here" use_oembed='false' group="0"]content that the tip applies to[/tipsy]. We recommend doing this in the HTML Mode editor.

Shortcode Parameters

  • content - Content that goes inside of the tooltip.
  • group - group number for the tooltip group that you want to display.
  • use_oembed - true or false - Whether to embed videos or not (uses oEmbed)

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