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Launch Features

  • Two types of lists: Events & Groups. Subscribers to each list may be auto-subscribed to another type of list.
  • Events:
    • Events allows you to schedule reminder emails for one-time or recurring events. Up to three email reminders may be sent per scheduled event.
    • Events may repeat on a regular basis (ie. daily, weekly, monthly, yearly)
  • Groups:
    • Groups function as containers of subscribers. This is useful for collecting groups of users for later sending broadcasts to. Groups can be used for newsletter or simply organization. For example, you may wish all users that subscribe to a certain event also be entered into a group to later send newsletters to.
  • Send mass mails & newsletters.
  • Manage user subscriptions.
  • Create & manage email messages to be sent.
    • Messages support detailed variables for customization such as (but not limited to):
      • User's email address.
      • Date/time
      • URL to site
      • Unsubscribe link
      • Name of blog
      • Title of this list
  • Import/export email addresses
  • Easily post subscription forms on your site using one of the available methods:
    • Widgets
    • Shortcodes to use anywhere in your posts
    • Easily insert via a button on the Add Posts page to add anywhere in your posts


Classes emailbuddy_pretext emailbuddy_posttext


Shortcode Format Example: [emailbuddy type="event" list="0" button="Subscribe" confirmation="Thank you for subscribing!" ]

Additional Resources

  1. Plugin Store
  2. PluginBuddy Tutorials
  4. Support Forums
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