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**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Customer_Pricing|Customer Pricing]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Customer_Pricing|Customer Pricing]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Featured_Video|Featured Video]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Featured_Video|Featured Video]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Free_Offers|Free Offers]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Manual_Purchases|Manual Purchases]]
**[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Manual_Purchases|Manual Purchases]]

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Coupons are great incentives for your customers to make a purchase. Exchange allows you to easily create coupons for your customers.

To create coupons in Exchange, you’ll first need to go to Exchange > Add-ons and enable the Basic Coupons add-on.



Once you’ve enabled the Basic Coupons add-on, you should now see Coupons in your Exchange menu.


Go to Exchange > Coupons and click Add New at the top of the page.


First, you’ll want to give your coupon a name. This is for your reference only, so name it whatever you’d like.

Next, you’ll create the code for the customer to use. You can either create your own code or you can click the die to the right of the box and have a code randomly generated for you.

Then you’ll select how much the coupon will be worth. You can select a percentage amount or a dollar amount.

You’ll then enter your start and end dates during which the coupon will be valid.

After that, you can choose to limit the number of times this coupon can be used.


You can then limit the coupon so that it can only be applied to a specific product.


To do this, just check the Limit to a specific product box and then select the product you'd like the coupon to apply to from the drop down menu.

Now you have coupon codes you can send out to your customers!

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