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* Added States data-set for US, AU, CA, ES, FR, NL, ZA
* Added States data-set for US, AU, CA, ES, FR, NL, ZA
* Added countries data set  
* Added countries data set  
* Fix child theme url for functions.php include
* Added an indication of which fields are required for registration.
* Added an indication of which fields are required for registration.
* Implementing Purchase Requirements API  
* Implementing Purchase Requirements API  

Revision as of 09:32, August 23, 2013

For detailed changelog concerning our default template parts see our Template Updates page.




  • Added base country and base state to settings page
  • Added States data-set for US, AU, CA, ES, FR, NL, ZA
  • Added countries data set
  • Added an indication of which fields are required for registration.
  • Implementing Purchase Requirements API
  • Added new method to api/theme/customers: display-name
  • Added ability for 3rd Parties to hook into supwerwidget ajax.php
  • Added .75em bottom margin to dashboard totals.
  • Edited x visibility of the downloads list on the Add/Edit Product screen.
  • Fixed small text input size for decimal and thousands separator.
  • Fixed page settings input overlap.
  • Added missing PHP break statements in api/theme/customer.php switch statements
  • Added get_plugin_path publich function to IT_Exchange class
  • Fixed a bug that causes the get-images array to only pull the last image and not all the images for a product.
  • Allow themes to add functions.php to their /exchange folder
  • Change product title from h1 to h2 in store view
  • Fixed monthly transaction totals in reporting widget for PHP 5.2.
  • Added transaction status to reporting widget
  • Add more fonts to the add-edt product page font-family

Important Notes

  • We introduced an API that allows add-ons to register purchase requirements. These requirements must be met before purchase button become available. Tutorial to come.
  • We refactored our core purchase requirement (Users must be logged in) to use this API
  • We added two new settings on the General setting page for geographic location of the store. This will be used in upcoming shipping and advanced tax add-ons.



  • Added Duplicate Products core-addon
  • Fixed but that redirected user to profile rather than back to checkout when asked to register before checkout out
  • Fixed bug where activating Product Categories disables core Categories widget
  • Fixed bug where permalinks have to be updated after changing product slug
  • Fixed bug that throws PHP error when trying to call WP_Error->get_error_message()
  • Fixed bug causing 0.00$ cost products to not display their price on the product details
  • Fix bug preventing large files from being downloaded

Important Notes

  • The new Duplicate Product add-on can be found in the Product Quick links on the All Products page after enabling the add-on



  • Fixed broken confirmation page when set as a WP page type
  • Simplified versioning notification logic since we have a gazillion template-parts now
  • Added a little more feedback to paypal error message
  • Dequeued new styles and enqueue sw styles when deprecated templates are supported by the theme
  • Temp fix for blank account page
  • Change format of discount feedback on superwidget to not display updated total.
  • Make sure we have an array before trying to loop it - Paypal Standard Secure
  • Fix error where template file name is printing at bottom of shortcode pages.
  • Adding Simple Taxes core add-on
  • Corrected typo in PayPal Secure Wizard settings
  • Fixed bug that made downloads not show on the downloads page.
  • Add theme_support option for deprecated-template-parts

Important Notes

  • We have introduced a new core add-on called Simple Taxes
  • We have introduced a more advanced Templating System for theme devs that also gives add-on devs access to the code.
  • Multiple Template Updates



  • Add slash to itExchangeSWAjaxURL to fix login/registration bug.
  • Add default error message to login SW Ajax when WP_Error returns an empty message.
  • Reordered addon_init to prevent 3rd party addons from being included twice
  • Add filters to preserve product types on Exchange Reset
  • Changed the way user login and registration AJAX works in the superwidget, needed for extendability e.g. MailChimp (coming soon)
  • Removed the styles from the WordPress update nag.
  • Fixed theme api filters
  • Added email category type for add-ons



  • Fix typos in content-downloads.php and email confirmation.
  • Changed Video links to target _blank
  • Various readme.txt typo fixes
  • Add Notice when our default template parts get updated
  • Fixed bug not allowing inventory setting to be saved in some instances
  • Added new shortcode for email templates: login_link
  • Change default state to Registration, not Login, when user tries to access checkout while not logged in.
  • Fixed unconverted nbsp
  • Fixed mistyped localization namespace
  • Updated copy in Get More top description
  • Updated the Dashboard Reporting Widget for when there are no sales
  • Modify coupon limit fields
  • Add coupon limit to Basic Coupons add-on
  • Fix bug preventing subpages of store and account from working correctly
  • Remove Log Out page from showing up in WP's Appearance --> Menus

Important Notes

  • Exchange will now create an admin notice after upgrade if any of our default template parts have been updated since your last upgrade. This will be helpful for themes that have copied our default templates to an /exchange/ folder inside their theme.
  • Our Basic Coupons Add-on now allows you to limit the number of times a coupon can be used.
  • When a visitor attempts to purchase an item while not logged in to the web site, they will now be redirected to the registration page rather than the login page.
  • Multiple Template Updates

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