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For detailed changelog concerning our default template parts see our Template Updates page.




  • Add slash to itExchangeSWAjaxURL to fix login/registration bug.
  • Add default error message to login SW Ajax when WP_Error returns an empty message.
  • Reordered addon_init to prevent 3rd party addons from being included twice
  • Add filters to preserve product types on Exchange Reset
  • Changed the way user login and registration AJAX works in the superwidget, needed for extendability e.g. MailChimp (coming soon)
  • Removed the styles from the WordPress update nag.
  • Fixed theme api filters
  • Added email category type for add-ons



  • Fix typos in content-downloads.php and email confirmation.
  • Changed Video links to target _blank
  • Various readme.txt typo fixes
  • Add Notice when our default template parts get updated
  • Fixed bug not allowing inventory setting to be saved in some instances
  • Added new shortcode for email templates: login_link
  • Change default state to Registration, not Login, when user tries to access checkout while not logged in.
  • Fixed unconverted nbsp
  • Fixed mistyped localization namespace
  • Updated copy in Get More top description
  • Updated the Dashboard Reporting Widget for when there are no sales
  • Modify coupon limit fields
  • Add coupon limit to Basic Coupons add-on
  • Fix bug preventing subpages of store and account from working correctly
  • Remove Log Out page from showing up in WP's Appearance --> Menus

Important Notes

  • Exchange will now create an admin notice after upgrade if any of our default template parts have been updated since your last upgrade. This will be helpful for themes that have copied our default templates to an /exchange/ folder inside their theme.
  • Our Basic Coupons Add-on now allows you to limit the number of times a coupon can be used.
  • When a visitor attempts to purchase an item while not logged in to the web site, they will now be redirected to the registration page rather than the login page.
  • Multiple Template Updates

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