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Add only the features you need with Exchange Add-ons for payment gateways (offline payments, PayPal or Stripe), coupons, digital downloads, sales reports, multi-item cart, product categories and product tags

  • Accept Stripe, PayPal or Offline Payments - Process transitions with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal Standard or take payments offline.
  • Multi-item Cart - Allow customers to purchase multiple products with one transaction
  • Coupons - Generate basic coupons that apply to all products in your store
  • Basic Sales Reports - View basic sales statistics from the Admin Dashboard
  • Product Categories and Taxonomies - Organize your store by applying categories and grouping with taxonomies

Advanced Product Options: Download expirations (download links expire/do not expire; download links (numbers)) Product availability (start and end dates) Product inventory - track product inventories Source files - Use the WordPress media library or any URL (from Dropbox, Amazon, etc.) and we'll hide the source for you LoopBuddy compatibly - Use LoopBuddy queries and Layouts for the product Builder compatibility - Use a Builder layout for the product

Customer registration - Use Exchange Registration or WordPress Registration settings

Emails Admin Sales Notification Emails - Customer Receipt Emails - Shortcode functions for customer name, full name, username, download list, order table, purchase date, total, payment id, receipt id, payment method, site name and receipt links


Page types - Exchange, WordPress or disabled customize page title and slug for - product base, - store page, - customer registration - account page - profile page - customer downloads - purchases - custoemr log in - customer log out - purchase confirmation - customer shopping cart - customer check out

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