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Add only the features you need with Exchange Add-ons for payment gateways (offline payments, PayPal or Stripe), coupons, digital downloads, sales reports, multi-item cart, product categories and product tags

  • Accept Stripe, PayPal or Offline Payments - Process transitions with payment gateways like Stripe and PayPal Standard or take payments offline.
  • Coupons - Generate basic coupons that apply to all products in your store
  • Multi-item Cart - Allow customers to purchase multiple products with one transaction
  • Basic Reporting Dashboard Widget - View basic sales statistics from the WordPress admin dashboard
  • Digital Downloads - Add a product type for distributing digital downloads through iThemes Exchange
  • Product Categories and Tags - Organize your store by grouping with category and tag taxonomies

Advanced Product Options

iThemes Exchange allows you to create products quickly and easily. But sometimes you need more than just the basics, so Advanced Product Options help by offering additional ways to manage products.

  • Download Expirations - Option to apply settings for download links to expire or to limit access to download links/file downloads
  • Product Availability - Apply product availability start and end dates
  • Product Inventory - Set and track product inventories
  • Hidden Source Files for Digital Product Downloads - Use source file URLs from the WordPress media library or from Dropbox, Amazon, etc. and exchange automatically hides this source URL for digital product downloads.
  • LoopBuddy compatibly - Use LoopBuddy queries and layouts for individual product
  • Builder compatibility - Apply iThemes Builder layouts for individual products

Payment and Customer Management

View transaction details and manager customers from within Exchange

  • Payment/Transaction Details - See order number, payment total, status, customer, payment method and date of payment for individual transactions
  • Customer Registration - Use Exchange Registration or WordPress Registration settings
  • Customer Data - Manage customers by viewing products purchased, transactions or add notes to customer info.
  • Issue Refunds or Resend Confirmation Emails - Easily issue refunds or resend confirmation emails for individual customers

Emails Admin Sales Notification Emails - Customer Receipt Emails - Shortcode functions for customer name, full name, username, download list, order table, purchase date, total, payment id, receipt id, payment method, site name and receipt links


Page types - Exchange, WordPress or disabled customize page title and slug for - product base, - store page, - customer registration - account page - profile page - customer downloads - purchases - custoemr log in - customer log out - purchase confirmation - customer shopping cart - customer check out

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