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The Pages Settings determine the set up of your store and display the current URL for Exchange-related pages, including:

  • Product Base
  • Store Page
  • Customer Registration
  • Account Page
  • Profile Page
  • Customer Downloads
  • Purchases
  • Customer Log In
  • Customer Log Out
  • Purchase Confirmation
  • Customer Shopping Cart
  • Customer Checkout


On this page, you'll determine what type of page it will be, what the page title is and what the slug for that page will be.

There are 3 page types you can chose from:

  • Exchange - This is the default (and recommended) setting
  • WordPress - You can use shortcodes to embed and have max control
  • Disabled - This would be for pages you don't need to use (ex: Not using the Multi-item Cart add-on, you can disable the Customer Shopping Cart page)

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