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The Payments page is where you’ll find information on all of the transactions that have occurred in your store.


From here, you’ll see the order number, the total price of the purchase, the status of the payment, the name of your customer, how they paid for the product and when the transaction occurred.


Payment Details

When you hover over the transaction, you’ll see a link to view the payment details of the order or to delete the payment from your payments screen. Click the Details link to view more information on that purchase in more detail including the customer’s full name, email and the product they purchased.


Customer Data

Here you'll also see a link there to View Customer Data. That link takes you to a link with 3 tabs: Products, Transactions and Info.


The products tab shows you and all products that customer has purchased along with the transaction number.


The transaction tab shows you every transaction that client has had on your site and allows you to view the transaction, resend confirmation email or refund through the payment method used.

The last tab, Info, is where you can make notes about the client.


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