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==More Links==
==More Links==
*[ Hide Member Content With Shortcodes – New in Exchange Membership Add-on]
*[ Hide Member Content With Shortcodes – New in Exchange Membership Add-on]
*[ A Better Way to Organize Membership Content}
*[ A Better Way to Organize Membership Content]
==See also==
==See also==

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Purchase the iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on over at

The Membership Add-on requires version 1.4 or higher of Exchange.


Creating Membership Products

If you are installing Exchange for the first time as you install the Membership Add-on, you'll be able to select Membership as one of your product types during the Quick Setup.

If you are adding the Membership Add-on to an existing Exchange site, after you've installed and activated the Membership Add-on plugin, the product type should already be enabled. If you need to enable it (or disable it) for any reason, you'll go to Exchange > Add-ons and click the Disabled button to the right of the Membership add-on.

Once the add-on has been enabled, you will see the Add Membership option in the Exchange menu.


Creating a Membership product in Exchange is the same as creating any other product.

You'll start by giving your Membership product a title and set a price.


With Membership, you can create a Recurring Payment so that your customer is automatically charged monthly or yearly for their Membership.

Then you'll give your Membership product a basic description and you can set images for the product as well.


Next, you can create Content Access rules and add download files for your customers.


Last, you have the Advanced Options for your Membership product.


Membership Settings

To access the Membership add-on settings, go to Exchange > Add-ons and click the gear symbol to the right of the Membership add-on.

From the settings page, you can determine whether or not to show the excerpt for your restricted content.


In the settings, you can edit your Restricted Content Message and your Delayed Content Message.


The Restricted Content Message is the note the customer will see when they try to access restricted content.


The Delayed Content Message shows the member when the restricted content will become available to them.

Content Access

The Content Access section allows you to restrict access to specific content on your site.

You'll see your Content Access options beneath the Product Description, above your Download Files.


You can create rules and groups for your member only content. To add a new group, click the Add New Group button and give your group a name.


To add a new rule, you'll start by clicking the Add New Rule button. Your first option is Type.


Your Type options include:

  • Posts
  • Pages
  • Post Types
  • Categories
  • Tags

There may also be additional options depending on the theme you are using (such as Widget Content with Builder themes) and plugins.

Once you've selected your Type, you'll next select the Content you want restricted.


In the example above, the Post option was selected for the Type. So in the Content option, all posts are listed for you to select from.

Your last option is the Delay Access option (also known as Drip Content). This allows you to determine when the content will be made available to the customers who have purchased that Membership. Note: This setting is only available for individual content items such as posts, pages and custom post types.


You can delay access to the content by

  • Days
  • Weeks
  • Months
  • Years

You can create numerous rules to restrict your content and sort them into groups. To add rules into your groups, you can simply drag and drop them into the corresponding group.



There are two different types of shortcodes you can use in the Membership add-on.

The first allows you to limit specific content on a post or page so that only members can see that content. The second allows you to display the list of post, pages, etc., that only members of that group will have access to.

Restrict Content on Posts/Pages

To restrict specific content in your posts or pages, you'll first highlight the portion you wish to restrict and then click the Member Content button.


A window will then open where you can select the groups you'd like to have access to that specific content. You can select more than one membership group.


Once you've selected your groups, click the Insert Shortcode button. You'll then see the shortcode inserted around the content you had highlighted.


When viewing on the post or page, members with access will simply see the hidden content while customers without access will not see that there is any content hidden.


List Content Available for Members Only

Adding the shortcode [it-exchange-membership-included-content] to the extended description of a product allows you to list the content included with a membership. There are different arguments that you can add to your shortcode.

  • product_id - This is the current product id. Note: We do not recommend changing this.
  • before - In the "before" argument, you can add HTML that you'd like to have show before each content item listed. Note: "Before" argument must be added when using the Text view in the Extended Description.
  • after - In the "after" argument, you can add HTML that you'd like to have show after each content item listed. Note: "After" argument must be added when using the Text view in the Extended Description.
  • title - The "title" argument allows you to display a title before the list of content.
  • toggle - This option allows you to make grouped content (ex: items within a specified category) to be toggled instead of all items listed. This option is "on" by default.
  • posts_per_grouping - This allows you to limit the number of items shown for each taxonomy included in a membership.
  • show_drip - This shows drip content available in the membership listed. This option is "on" by default.
  • show_drip_time - This option shows when the drip content will become available. This option is "on" by default.

Shortcode Examples
"before" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content before='<h4>"Before" Code</h4>']


"after" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content after='<h4>"After" Code</h4>']


"title" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content title='Gold Level Membership Content']


"toggle" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content toggle='on']



[it-exchange-membership-included-content toggle='off']


"posts_per_grouping" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content posts_per_grouping=2]


"show_drip" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip='on']


[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip='off']


"show_drip_time" Shortcode Argument:

[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip_time='on']


[it-exchange-membership-included-content show_drip_time='off']


Purchase the iThemes Exchange Membership Add-on over at

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