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(See also)
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==See also==
==See also==
*Payment Methods and Gateways
*[[:Exchange_Payment_Methods_and_Gateways|Payment Methods and Gateways]]
*Stripe Add-on
*[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_Stripe|Stripe Add-on]]
*PayPal Add-on
*[[:Exchange_Add-Ons:_PayPal_Standard|PayPal Add-on]]
*Offline Payments
*Offline Payments
*Email Settings
*Email Settings

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The Quick Setup page appears after installing Exchange.


Quick Setup Settings & Information

This page walks through the necessary information and settings needed to set up your store, including:

  • Accepted Payment Gateways (Offline Payments, PayPal or Stripe) – Choose your preferred payment gateway for processing transactions. You can select more than one option, but it's not recommended
  • Email Notifications – This is the email address where store notifications will be received
  • Currency – Select the currency you plan to use in your store.

After Installation

To find the Quick Setup after installation, visit Plugins > Installed Plugins.


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