Exchange Theme API: login (recover)

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it_exchange( 'login', 'recover', array( 'option' => 'value' ) )
	string - $context the context or context.tag combination, if context.tag is used, the tag parameter can be omitted.
	string - $tag the tag, can be hyphenated or not. Prefix with 'get' as shorthand for the array( 'return' => 'true' ) option.
	mixed  - $options associative array.
	The recover password link.


Used to output the recover password link.


'format' - Used to return (instead of echo) the output.
	$default: 'html'
	$options: html, text, url, label
'label' - Used to set the label of the button.
	$default: 'Lost your password?'
	$options: Any text.
'class' - Used to set a class for the link.
	$default: false
	$options: Any class name.
'return' - Used to return (instead of echo) the output.
	$default: false
	$options: true, false


<?php it_exchange( 'login', 'recover' ); ?>