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# [http://pluginbuddy.com/tutorials/ PluginBuddy Tutorials]
# [http://pluginbuddy.com/tutorials/ PluginBuddy Tutorials]
# [http://pluginbuddy.com/ PluginBuddy.com]
# [http://pluginbuddy.com/ PluginBuddy.com]
# [http://pluginbuddy.com/support/ Support Forums]
# [http://ithemes.com/forum/featured-posts/ Support Forum]

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Series: DisplayBuddy

Release date: August 4, 2010 (beta), August ?, 2010 (stable)


FeaturedBuddy is a tool to display the latest posts with featured images attached to them as rotating slides. With easy to use controls and stylish animations you can easily display more information to your users in an eye-pleasing manner.


  • Rotate through a specified number of posts.
  • Display posts only in a certain category.
  • Limit number of posts rotating.
  • Slide indicator for quickly selecting a certain slide.
  • Animated sliding and fading when changing slides.
  • Support for changing layouts. More coming soon.
  • Customizable animation speeds.
  • Automatic upgrades.


<div id="featuredposts-1" class="featuredposts">

   <div class="featuredposts-container">

      <div class="featuredposts-slides">
         layouts.txt content for slide1

      <div class="featuredposts-slides">
         layouts.txt content for slide2


   <a href="#" class="previous"><img src="previous.png" /></a>
   <a href="#" class="next"><img src="next.png" /></a>

   <ul class="featuredposts-pagination">
      <li><a href="#">1</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">2</a></li>


Additional Resources

  1. Free Plugins by PluginBuddy
  1. PluginBuddy Tutorials
  2. PluginBuddy.com
  3. Support Forum