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Series: DisplayBuddy


Featured Posts is a tool that will display your latest posts with featured images attached to them as rotating slides. With easy to use controls and stylish animations you can easily display more information to your users in an eye-pleasing manner.


Featured Posts has one central page with all of the plugin's settings on it. The settings can be divided into two main sections, Layouts and Global settings.

Layout Settings

Select Layout
The top of the settings page allows you to select which layout you would like to use by clicking an image representation of the layout you would like to use.

Settings for Layout
Featured Posts will store and display different width and height settings for each layout. Even if you select another layout the settings for all of your Featured Posts layouts will be saved where it can be accessed later. These settings will be used to determine the dimensions of the different elements in the layout.

Global Plugin Settings

Here is a list of the settings and a description of what each one will effect.

  • Content Category - If you are using a post type that has categories this will allow you to specify if you would only like content from a specific category to be displayed.
  • Post Type - This setting allows you to choose a post type for Featured Posts from a list of the existing post types on your site.
  • Number of posts - Select the number of posts that you would like to be displayed in Featured Posts.
  • Number of words to show in excerpt - Featured Posts displays an except of each post and this setting allows you to set the maximum amount of words that it will display.
  • Custom Read More link - Since this plugin is meant to show excerpts of the posts it also adds a read more link that will allow visitors to easily navigate to the full post. This option allows you to set what that custom read more link text is shown.
  • Time between automatic transitions - Featured Posts automatically transitions through the posts that have been specified and this setting controls how much time there is between each automatic transition.
  • Time after pause until autostart resumes - When Featured Posts is being displayed on the front end of your site it has different buttons and links that allow visitors to your site to manually control when transitions happen. This setting allow you to set how much time there is between when the visitor does and manual transition and when the Featured Posts will start automatically transitioning again.
  • Slide speed - This setting controls how long the slide transition between each post will take.


  • Rotate through a specified number of posts.
  • Display posts only in a certain category.
  • Limit number of posts rotating.
  • Slide indicator for quickly selecting a certain slide.
  • Animated sliding and fading when changing slides.
  • Support for changing layouts. More coming soon.
  • Customizable animation speeds.
  • Automatic upgrades.


<div id="featuredposts-1" class="featuredposts">

   <div class="featuredposts-container">

      <div class="featuredposts-slides">
         layouts.txt content for slide1

      <div class="featuredposts-slides">
         layouts.txt content for slide2


   <a href="#" class="previous"><img src="previous.png" /></a>
   <a href="#" class="next"><img src="next.png" /></a>

   <ul class="featuredposts-pagination">
      <li><a href="#">1</a></li>
      <li><a href="#">2</a></li>


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