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How to enable email notifications of replies to my forum thread

  • Click on your name at the top right of the page and then select to My Profile.


  • Click the Edit My Profile button on the right of the page.


  • Select Notifications Option from the menu along the left.


  • Under Topics & Posts, check the box next to "Auto follow topics I reply to." and select your preferred notification frequency.


  • Click Save Changes at the bottom of the page.


How to insert an image in a post

When logged into the forum and creating a new post, you should see the option to attach a file at the bottom of your post content area.


Once you've chosen and attached the file you want to use, you then have the option to Add to Post.


This will place the image in the actual post wherever your cursor is. If you choose not to Add to Post, the file will show below your post as a file attachment.

Adding an image when replying to a post is a little different. Next to the Post button, you'll see a More Reply Options button.


Clicking More Reply Options will take you to a new screen with the same set up for adding an image as when creating a new post.

How to edit tags of a topic

To edit tags, click the little tool/wrench icon when viewing your post in the list of topics (not from within the topic) and you should be able to edit the tags. See image (note that the wrench clicked on is overlapped by the popup window, but you should get the idea)


How to send a Private Message

To send a Private Message (PM) to a user, click on "send pm" button at the top of any of their posts.


To access PMs received, go to

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