How FeaturedPosts Works

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Even though FeaturedPosts is very powerful, it works in a very simple way: it shows the latest posts which have a Featured Image attached to them.

It then takes those posts and shows them in its FeaturedPosts area, to the end user, along with the featured images associated with those posts.

  • Follow these steps to have FeaturedPosts work right away:
    • Add a new post OR Edit an existing post.
    • Upload OR Attach an image to that post.
    • In the Image uploader window OR the image selector screen, click "Use as Featured Image" link under the image properties.
    • Save.
  • Done! Your FeaturedPosts will now show that post as one of the posts inside the Featured Posts area.

Remember: the number of posts you show in FeaturedPosts decided how many posts show up, and which ones (the latest ones), in the Featured Posts area. Featured posts are shown in order based on most recently published displayed first and oldest last (descending).

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