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Note: this documentation applies to the iCar and iRealEstate themes as well

Child Themes for the iCompany, iCar and iRealEstate themes

In order to preserve your original theme, you can use Child Themes to apply modifications to your theme, without having to modify any of the original theme files.

Download the child theme for iCompany, iCar or iRealEstate listed below. Unzip and upload the child Theme to the folder where your iCompany, iCar or iRealEstate theme exists, by default this is the /wp-content/themes/ folder. Activate the child theme, just as you would activate any other theme. There is a README.TXT included in the child theme with further information.

As an addon feature, the child themes allow you to:

  • use the new WordPress 3 menus (WordPress version 3 and up required),
  • allows for multi level dropdown navigation (in the header),
  • use featured posts images, or post thumbnails, as described in this article. Featured images can be added using the featured images option on the write post panel.

More on Child Themes

For more general information on Child Themes you can read these articles: iThemes and Child Themes – introduction and Child Themes, a quick tutorial.

Download Child Themes

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