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== Theme Documentation ==__NOEDITSECTION__
== Theme Documentation == __NOEDITSECTION__
* [[Themes]] - an overview of all themes, and all theme related information
* [[Builder]]
* [[ThemesFAQ|Frequently Asked Questions]] - not specifically theme related
** [[Builder Child Themes]]
* [[Classic Themes]]
* [[Flexx]]

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Welcome to the iThemes Codex. The purpose of this codex is to be a central repository for documentation and tutorials for our themes and plugins. The information on this codex is available to everyone and not just our customers. Our hope is that this information will benefit not just our community but the larger WordPress community as well.


  • WordPress tutorials
  • Basics - List of resources for learning basics of HTML and CSS
    • CSS - List of resources for learning CSS online
    • HTML - todo
    • jQuery - List of resources for learning jQuery online
    • PHP - List of resources for learning PHP online

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