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The first time you visit the iThemes Security dashboard you'll be welcomed by a popup window titled Important First Steps. The window has four options to help to get started configuring the plugin. The features are listed below. If you choose to skip this for now you can return to it by clicking "Show Intro" in the top right hand corner on your dashboard next to "Screen Options".

Make a Backup

This is a very important feature in case that anything goes wrong while configuring the plugin. It will send a database backup the the email address you have set in your WordPress General Settings.

Allow file update

This isn't mandatory but we do recommend it. It will allow iThemes Security to write to your wp-config.php and .htaccess. If you choose not to enable you'll have to manually enter code to the files for many features to work.

Secure Your Site

This is a great way to get started configuring the plugin. This setting enables features that we know will not interfere with any plugins or themes. The features it enables are listed below.

  • Brute Force Protection
  • Force Unique Nicknames
  • Remove WordPress Generator Meta Tag
  • Disable Extra User Archives
  • Windows Live Writer Header
  • Login Error Messages

Help Us Improve

We highly recommend enabling this feature. It will send data showing what features have been enabled and disabled to Google Analytics. This will help us know what features to give priority to improving and what future features to focus on. It doesn't send any personal data like emails, usernames, site URL and etc. It simply tells us how many users are using what features.

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