Licensing Issues Due to Plugin Conflict

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Some times, external plugins may cause issues in detaching, deleting, generating OR saving license keys. Such plugins may also cause issues when you want to manually or automatically upgrade plugins when you try to solve licensing issues.

  • You may run into this error
    • Invalid license key, it has expired, or it is already in use. Please verify the key or contact support for assistance.

Following is a list of currently known plugins which cause license detaching, deleting, generating OR saving issues. Please disable the following plugins, even temporarily, while you perform all the steps of manually OR automatically upgrading the PluginBuddy plugins in question, and detaching, deleting, generating and saving license keys for them. Keep such plugins disabled UNTIL all license key issues are gone OR at least while you perform these steps.

  • Plugins causing PluginBuddy licensing issues
    • W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache or WinCache : If you are using any caching plugin like W3 Total Cache or WP Super Cache or any PHP Extension like WinCache, please disable it temporarily and then carry out any required steps. You can re-enable the plugin or extension in the end after everything works in terms of the licenses.
    • Fix: Follow the above steps to fix this issue. Steps also explained by BackupBuddy customer Laura (thanks!)
    • Any other CACHING or related plugin or extension: Try emptying the cache in the cache plugins/extensions, disabling such plugins/extensions, performing the required steps and then re-activating the Caching or related plugins/extensions in question.