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Version: 1.3.0

Released: 2012-12-01

Release Type: WordPress Standards Compliance, Feature Enhancements, Code Cleanup


This release is focused on tackling some "low-hanging fruit" bugs and enhancements, updates that can be implemented quickly.

The primary feature enhancements are focused on the LoopBuddy widget. The widget now supports titles and now has output that conforms with WordPress standards. In order to avoid issues with existing widgets, there is a legacy format option that will cause the widget to render in the previous manner. By default, this option is disabled for new widgets. Any widgets existing before this release will automatically have this option enabled.

The layout and query editor listings have been improved to better conform to WordPress standards. This update also includes the quality of the output error and status messages.

In previous versions, details on how to use the date & time format pointed to an page that wasn't very relevant. This link is now updated to point to the appropriate WordPress Codex page.

A large amount of code cleanup has been done to streamline the code in order to remove potential bugs and to improve performance.

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