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LoopBuddy will NOT work on pages set as Static Posts Page in WordPress --> Settings --> Reading --> Front Page Displays --> Posts Page section. There is a good reason for it and a great workaround.


The Reading Screen in the WordPress Settings Settings --> Reading Screen Settings is necessary when you want to tell WordPress that your blog content doesn't reside on the home page.

For example, you have selected a Front Page, which will tell WordPress, "Use this page instead of showing a default blog layout."

Since there is technically no longer a blog layout, WordPress wants to know, "Where can I find your blog content?"

This is how WordPress works, and not a LoopBuddy bug. There is a great flawless way to get exactly what you want with the below workarounds, though.

Workaround (any one of this will work - we recommend the PREFERRED LoopBuddy way to do it!)

  • Not have a section on your site with your blog content (readers will only be able to access your posts via category and date archives).
  • Create a page to point WordPress to, and WordPress will take care of the rest and display the appropriate blog content.
  • PREFERRED: With LoopBuddy, however, you don't have to specify a "Blog" section in WordPress.
    • You can create a regular page.
    • Allow LoopBuddy to create a blog section for you either via LoopBuddy --> Settings option OR by choosing the LoopBuddy options in the Post/Page Editor page for the page you just created.
    • WordPress doesn't need to know about it in this particular case, and it won't hurt your site in the least. You do NOT have to change the WordPress --> Settings --> Reading --> Front Page Displays --> Posts Page settings for this option to work perfectly.

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