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With the power of different tags in LoopBuddy Layout, you can make almost anything clickable without editing a single file. This is extremely useful when you want to make something like a Custom Field, which is text by default, clickable automatically in any or every loop.

Steps to perform in your LoopBuddy Layout:

  1. Start with a Text tag (first Text tag) which has the content: <a href="
  2. Next comes anything, including a Custom Field tag. This is the link.
  3. Now comes another Text tag (second Text tag) which has the content: ">
  4. Now comes anything to show the link. It can be the same Custom Field tag again as #2 above, another custom field, or any text or image you wish.
  5. Another Text tag (3rd Text tag) with the following content: </a>

That's it!

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