Malware Scan Scheduling

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Use these options to configure scheduled malware scans of your site. You'll first need to enable Malware Scheduling in the Malware section in the Settings page. Then you'll need to visit VirusTotal and register for your free API Key. After registering you'll find your API Key on the "My API Key" page.

Enable Scheduled Malware Scanning

This setting allows you to configure you schedule settings.

Enable Active Content Scanning

This setting scans a page with active visitors at the interval that is set. Over time, this feature ensures that the content users are visiting is scanned and safe. You can configure the frequency, in minutes, content should be scanned for malware. Settings this too low will result in overages in your scan allowance. Settings this too high will result in very long periods before the whole site is scanned.

Scheduled Individual Scans

This setting allows the scanning scheduling of particular files or URLs. The frequency can be set by minutes, hours or weeks.

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