Other Steps to Resolve Licensing Issues

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There are some reports that some users have issues with their license insides the Licenses area of different PluginBuddy plugins, including BackupBuddy.

Remember: All your PluginBuddy plugins, including BackupBuddy, will CONTINUE WORKING PERFECTLY even with these licensing issues. You can keep using the plugins exactly how you want them even during these licensing issues. Your plugins are NOT affected by this licensing situation in any manner.

Your membership is also completely fine and you have NOT lost any license(s). The issue is happening to some customers who simply need to upgrade manually to the latest version of their plugin, if the automatic upgrade does not work.

  • Plugins with the update versions which remove this issue completely
    • ALL PluginBuddy Products
  • You can upgrade via one of the following:
    • Automatically upgrade to the latest version
    • Manually update by downloading the latest zip version of your PluginBuddy plugin from your Member's panel and then
      • Overwrite your existing plugin directory via FTP with the new files.
      • De-activate the existing plugin, delete it via your WordPress --> Plugins area and then upload the newly downloaded zip file. Then re-activate the plugin.
    • That will remove the issue completely.
  • DETACH the key and then RE-ATTACH the license key for the specific site in question IF licensing still shows issues AFTER manually upgrading to the latest version of the plugin in question (check your Member's area for the latest version download)
  • Also make sure to DETACH the key, DELETE that same AND any other keys related to that specific site from the entire licenses area, and then GENERATE a new key for that site IF detaching and re-attaching the license key does not work AFTER manually upgrading (for example, manually upgrading to the latest BackupBuddy version - all plugins have their own latest version numbers - check your Member's area for the latest version download)