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Repairbuddy is a tool that allows you to correct a WordPress install when things go wrong.

RepairBuddy is a Beta tool that is currently bundled with BackupBuddy.


To enable RepairBuddy, go to the BackupBuddy Settings and enable RepairBuddy. From there, RepairBuddy will show up in the left menu under "Repair".

If "Repair" doesn't show up, please refresh the page.

Download Instructions

To download RepairBuddy, you must enable RepairBuddy in the BackupBuddy settings.

When viewing the RepairBuddy section within BackupBuddy, you must enter a password. For your convenience, a password meter and a "Generate Password" feature is on the same page.

After the password has been entered, you can download and install RepairBuddy.

Clearing the RepairBuddy Password

In the "Repair" section of BackupBuddy, simply click the button "Reset Password" and you'll be promoted to re-enter a password for RepairBuddy.

Installation Instructions

RepairBuddy must be installed in the same directory that you have installed WordPress.

To run RepairBuddy, simply visit: (assuming, of course, that your WordPress install is at the web root of your site)

You will be prompted to enter the same password you created or generated in the "Repair" section of BackupBuddy.


RepairBuddy is extremely powerful, even with only a handful of features. Do NOT share your password with anybody.

A self-destruct mode is included with RepairBuddy and is a convenient way to delete RepairBuddy from your server.

In the future, there will be an option for RepairBuddy to automatically delete itself after a certain time has elapsed.

When you are done using RepairBuddy, please delete it. If someone successfully accesses your RepairBuddy install, you may be hacked.


At this time we are not accepting feedback since RepairBuddy is still heavily in Beta. Once RepairBuddy is more stable, we'll set up a dedicated support forum for the product.