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You can also show images or texts ON TOP OF (over) a Slideshow so that the slides and the image/text blend in together.

Use the following template to add the necessary code to your theme's css file at the very end.

#builder-module-4e738d2279b5e .builder-module-block { /* Shows any top area TEXT, that is in a widget ABOVE the Slideshow WIDGET< on top of the Slideshow. Change the module # to your own current module # */
     position: absolute;
     z-index: 2 ! important;

#builder-module-4e738d2279b21 img { /* Positions the image in question from a certain Widget module right above the Slideshow. Change this module # to your own widget's module # */
     padding-top: 30px ! important;
     position: absolute;
     z-index: 1 ! important;
#pb_slideshow_slider-1 .nivo-slice { /* Prevents the Slideshow transitions from hiding the overlapping text or image. This means NO MORE TRANSITIONS. This will also mean that the styling is applied to Slideshow numbered 1 (one) in your Slideshow admin area. The Slideshow shortcode will show you what number it is. */
display: none;

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Another example is of using Rotating Text over a Slideshow with the following code:

#pb_slideshow_slider-1 {
     z-index: 55;
.rotatingtext-wrapper { margin-bottom: -90px !important; z-index: 60;
position: absolute !important;
right: 820px;
top: 350px;

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