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Series: DisplayBuddy

Release date: October 19, 2010 (beta), August ?, 2010 (stable)


Slideshow lets you display image slideshows anywhere on your site with fully customizable animated transitions and advanced effects.


  • Two distinct Slideshow modes.
  • Approximately 50 transition special effects available including random options.
  • Upload images or use existing images from the Media Library.
  • Customizable image size.
  • Some Slideshow options include:
    • Image captions on slides.
    • Pause on hover.
    • Dropped shadows.
    • Bullet or numbered slide navigation.
    • Slide thumbnail navigation.
    • Full speed control.
    • Navigation arrows on slides on hover.
    • Stop after showing certain number of slides.
  • Unlimited Slideshow groups.
  • Widget support.
  • Shortcode support.
  • Support for changing layouts. More coming soon.
  • Customizable animation speeds.
  • Automatic upgrades.

Additional Resources

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  3. Support Forums