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The transitions for this mode focus on slicing up the image into multiple pieces and using those pieces for different transition effects.Since this mode focuses on slicing up the image for transition effects the settings for this mode also allow you to choose how many slices the image is divided into. This mode also offers the ability to display small thumbnail versions of the images in the group as pagination buttons that allow visitors to your site to easily control which image the slider is showing.

Animation transition effects

  • Randomly use different effects
  • Slice down
  • Slice down left
  • Slice up
  • Slice up left
  • Fold
  • Fade


The transitions for this mode focuses on shuffling images around. This mode has many different effects to choose from, providing more options so that you can pick the effect that you like the best.

Animation transition effects

  • blindX
  • blindY
  • blindZ
  • cover
  • curtainX
  • curtainY*
  • fade
  • fadeZoom
  • growX
  • growY
  • scrollUp
  • scrollDown
  • scrollLeft
  • scrollRight
  • scrollHorz
  • scrollVert
  • shuffle
  • slideX
  • slideY
  • toss
  • turnUp
  • turnDown
  • turnLeft
  • turnRight
  • uncover
  • wipe
  • zoom

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