Sort Custom Field Values by Meta Value (Character or Numeric)

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  • Custom Field values can be sorted by meta value (character or numeric).
  • Only ONE meta item can be used to sort at one time.
    • Using multiple meta items will assume you would like an advanced meta query, and sorting will be ignored in such a case. This is a WordPress limitation.
  • Sort Custom Field Values via the following steps (assuming you already have several posts with the same custom field):
    • 1 : Change the Order By parameter to either "Meta Value" or "Numeric Meta Value".
    • 2 : Go to Post Meta Parameters and click "Add Meta".
    • 3 : Set the Meta Key and Meta Values you would like to search for and sort by.
    • 4 : Save the query.
    • 5 : Assign the query to a post or section and observe the results.

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