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Source: Style Manager Suggestions section at
Source: Style Manager Suggestions section at
==Why are multiple CSS files being created? Which is the main one?==
Only the last .css file is needed and used. The others can be deleted.
Ex.: If you see the following file listing in wp-content/uploads:
Only builder-style-4c574af0c38755.css is used (note the bold characters). The first one in the list was the original one that was created. The additional ones were created since the file already existed. The code adds one to the end of the file, tries again, and then increments the number until an original file name is created, thus the pattern.
Originally this was done to bypass a WordPress MU (now MultiSite) issue. The bug was that the old one was not removed. This is no longer necessary, so a future version of Style Manager will remove this undesired behavior while also automatically cleaning up after itself.
==Background color does not appear on the nav bar in the preview window==
==Background color does not appear on the nav bar in the preview window==

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Style Manager is a plugin for iThemes Builder that provides a easy interface to adjust styling of various elements of Builder theme.

It can be downloaded from Member Panel.

Style Manager Support Forum


Styles appear in preview window but not on the site

  • Use Firefox. Do not use other browsers, especially IE when using Style Manager.
  • Ensure that your site is hosted on a server that runs PHP 5, not PHP 4. ServerBuddy plugin can be used to check this and more. You can contact your host for help on upgrading from a older version of PHP to version 5.

Preview window is too small to be usable

Ensure that WordPress address and Site address are the same at Settings -> General.

More info.

How to add fonts

It is possible to add font stacks and font sizes by adding code to child theme's functions.php.

Example code:

function customize_font_stacks( $font_stacks ) { 
    $new_font_stacks = array(
        "Arial, 'Helvetica Neue', Helvetica, sans-serif"  => 'Arial',
        "Baskerville, 'Times New Roman', Times, serif"    => 'Times',
        "'Century Gothic', 'Apple Gothic', sans-serif"    => 'Century Gothic',
    return array_merge( $font_stacks, $new_font_stacks );
add_filter( 'builder_filter_style_manager_general_font_families', 'customize_font_stacks' );
function customize_font_sizes( $font_sizes ) { 
    $new_font_sizes = array(
        '37px'      => '37px',
        '37%'       => '37%',
        '37pt'      => '37pt',
    return array_merge( $font_sizes, $new_font_sizes );
add_filter( 'builder_filter_style_manager_general_font_sizes', 'customize_font_sizes' );

A useful site for font families is

Source: Style Manager Suggestions section at

Background color does not appear on the nav bar in the preview window

This is happening because the nav bar has a background image set (depending on the child theme) in child theme's style.css. The solution is to set Background Image to None.


Color changes for links are not showing in the preview window

Make sure you are changing these in the correct section.

Links can be styled in these sections:

  1. Links
  2. Post/Page Content Styling
  3. Module Sidebars -> Widgets
  4. Widget Bar Module -> Widgets

Borders for widgets show in the preview window but not on the site

Left and right borders should be manually added via CSS.

Example: Adding the following at the end of child theme's style.css will set left and right borders for a widget whose ID is "text-5". This shows how to get ID of a widget.

#text-5 {
    border-left: 1px solid #B3B3B3;
    border-right: 1px solid #B3B3B3;

Useful tips and forum links

  • See this forum topic on permissions. Summary: "Anyway I discovered the css files being created in wp-content/uploads were being created with rw rw — permissions and as soon as I changed the file permissons to be rw rw r it all worked perfectly."
  • If you are using 1&1 hosting, create a single line .htaccess file with this code "AddType x-mapp-php5 .php" and upload it to the root. Source


It is not possible to apply one set of styles to the complete module or individual widgets of a module differently than other modules of that type. i.e., the styles that you set to widget bar modules will apply to all widget bar modules. Ex.: You will not be able to apply say, a blue background to just one widget bar module while the rest of them have been set to say, a red background via Style Manager. For such changes, style.css has to be edited manually.

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