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Version: 0.6.0

Released: 2013-01-22

Release Type: Feature Enhancements and Bug Fixes


The biggest feature of this release is the addition of support for Builder's responsive-ready child themes. The format required for the Styles for the responsive-ready child themes is different than the format required by the older, non-responsive child themes. Due to this, when upgrading to this version and switching to a responsive-ready child theme, you will not see your existing Styles. Instead, you will see a blank listing with a prompt to create your first Style. This is due to the two different formats. The Styles for the non-responsive child themes still exist, they are simply hidden away as they are not compatible with the new format. If you switch back to a non-responsive child theme, those Styles will still be there and will be fully functional. A notice is shown in the editor in this situation in order to prevent confusion.

The styling options for the responsive-ready and non-responsive child themes are slightly different. In order to prevent the responsive styling from breaking, some of the margin, padding, and border options were removed. The hope is to re-add these or to provide similar types of features at a later date.

This release also includes a fix for a bug that prevented reverting an option to its default from working properly in the latest two Firefox releases.

Other minor improvements were made, such as fixing some styling issues, cleaning up some wording, and improving some of the selectors used in the generated styling (the selectors for the non-responsive format were kept the same to prevent any type of regression issues with existing users who are upgrading).

Files Added:

  • css/normalize-legacy-styling.css
  • editor-legacy.css
  • generator-legacy.css
  • public-legacy.css

Files Updated:

  • css/
  • editor.php
  • generator.php
  • init.php
  • js/
  • public.php
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