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In some cases you may not want the iThemes Sync plugin available to be seen from the WordPress dashboard. For example, you may be managing the site for a client, and do not want them to accidentally disconnect the site from iThemes Sync.

To help accommodate this we created the Sync Visibility or Show/Hide Sync module. It is really simple, with only one setting, either Show Sync or Hide Sync, depending on its current state. The module show you the current visibility with the option to switch it as needed.

With this module, there is no need for it to have it's own individual page, as there are no advanced features at this time.


Refreshing Module Content

You may encounter a time when you need to refresh the content in a specific module. Instead of having to refresh the entire page and wait for each module to reload, you can click the refresh icon in the top right corner and get new data for just that module.

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