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Next: [[Theming_Exchange_-_Customize_Ghost_&_Product_Pages_Output|Customize the output for Exchange Ghost_&_Product Pages.]]
Next: [[Theming_Exchange_-_Customize_Ghost_&_Product_Pages_Output|Customize the output for Exchange Ghost_and_Product Pages.]]

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Adding an Exchange Directory

Get started with Theming Exchange by creating an `exchange` directory in your theme. This is where all of your Exchange modifications will reside.


Adding an Exchange Stylesheet

At it's most basic level, theming exchange is as simple as adding a stylesheet to the exchange directory of your theme (exchange/style.css). From here all you have to do is add some styles to this file.


Adding an Exchange Functions File

Much like a standard WordPress theme, Exchange loads a functions.php file for adding functionality specific to the theme.


This is the most basic setup of Exchange.

Next: Customize the output for Exchange Ghost_and_Product Pages.