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Release date: April 21, 2011 (stable)


ThumbsUp is a commercial WordPress plugin that allows users to up/down vote a group of items. ThumbsUp can be displayed on a post, page, widget area, or manually via a template tag.

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Server Requirements & Recommendations

Server configuration is a very complex topic and varies wildly between hosts, server operating systems, and even the personal preference of the server administrator. Below are the bare minimum requirements for the plugin along with the recommended setup to get the most out of this plugin. You may use ServerBuddy to help you determine how your server compares to our minimum requirements & recommendations.

Server Requirements & Recommendations

Requirements for functionality:

Template Tag

You can manually include a ThumbsUp item manually if you know the Voting Group ID.

The arguments are as follows:

* pb_thumbsup_display()
* Insert a voting group
* The defaults for the parameter $args are:
*		is_widget - If the code is being executed in a widget area (shrinks down the icon size) (default false)
*		show_stats - Whether to show the stats or not (default true)
*		group_id   - The ID of the voting group you would like to display.
*		thumb_width     - Default is 200. The Width dimension for displaying image thumbnails.
*		thumb_height   - Default is 200. The Height dimension for displaying image thumbnails.
*		video_max_height - Default is 300. The maximum height for an embedded video
*		video_max_width - Default is 300. The maximum width for an embedded video
*		show_item_title - Default is true. Whether to show the title for each item
*		show_group_title - Default is true. Whether to display the title for the voting group
*		show_group_desc - Default is false. Whether to display the description for the voting group
*		show_image_caption - Default is false. Whether to display the caption for an image
*		show_image_desc - Default is false. Whether to display the description for an image
*		orderby - Default is 'menu_order' - Which parameter to order by (rating, date, menu_order, rand)
*		order - Default is 'DESC'. The order to retrieve the items.
* @uses $wpdb
* @param array $args Elements that make up a voting group to insert.
* @return int|WP_Error WP_Error on failure.  HTML string on success.

The following shows how to use the ```pb_thumbsup_display``` template tag to show a voting group of images.

$args = array(
	'group_id' => 2806,
	'thumb_width' => 500,
	'thumb_height' => 500,
	'show_item_title' => false,
	'show_image_caption' => true,
	'show_group_title' => false,
	'orderby' => 'rating',
	'order' => 'DESC'
$display = pb_thumbsup_display( $args );
if ( !is_wp_error( $display ) ) echo $display;


What features are planned for future versions?

  • Allow users to submit their own topics and set up a moderation system so the admin can approve them.
  • Allow an option to show only the top rated voting group items (e.g., the top 10).
  • Allow editing of voting group items after they’ve been added. Right now, the user can just delete the item and re-add it.
  • More thumbs-up icon sets and style options.
  • Allow votes from only logged-in users.

Additional Resources

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