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Click here -> [ Getting Started with Builder]
Click here -> [ Getting Started with Builder]
Latest video version of this can be found at
= Builder Basics Videos =
= Builder Basics Videos =

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Getting Started

This guide presents an introduction to basic Builder concepts and terms, as well as a beginner's overview on using Builder for the first time. We’ll walk step-by-step through installing and activating the Builder theme, as well as creating your first page Layout and View with Builder.

Click here -> Getting Started with Builder

Builder Basics Videos

It is highly recommended that anyone new to iThemes Builder watch recording of the online workshop (webinar) done through training division by Benjamin Bradley.

Please click on the link below:

iThemes Builder Basics Webinar

Builder Settings

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Layouts and Views


Differences between Views, Layouts and Extensions


Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Builder Blocks

Builder SEO Plugin

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