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What does it mean?

Vidembed adds a way to quickly and easily add videos to pages, posts, and widget areas. This plugin allows you to embed videos for both self-hosted videos as well as YouTube and Vimeo.

Add a video a post and page

When the VidEmbed plugin is activated on your site it adds a shortcode button to the posts and page editors.


If you want to embed a video to a post or page all you have to do is click that button and a popup form will ask for all of the information needed to embed that video.


Video URL

  • YouTube and Vimeo - Find the video on YouTube or Vimeo copy the URL from the address bar at the top of your browser.
  • Stand alone (ex. mp4,flv, mov) - Write the path to the video on S3 or another stand alone location (example:

Video Title - This is an optional field that will place a title wrapped in h4 tags above the video.

Video Caption - This is an optional field that will place a caption wrapped in p tags below the video.

Video Width - Set the width of the video.

Video Height - Set the height of the video.

Autoplay - If this setting is checked then the video will automatically begin playing when the page is loaded.

Add a video to a widget area

Navigate to the Widgets area under Appearance in the WordPress Admin area. Drag the VidEmbed widget into the widget area that you would like for it to display in and fill out the form with the information for the video that you would like to embed. A description of information that should be added to the form fields is provided in the adding a video to a post or page section above.


The settings section of VidEmbed will allow you to easily style the different players used in this plugin. There are 3 Different players that are used in VidEmbed with different options:


  • Primary border color
  • Secondary border and controlbar color
  • Add border around player
  • Hide related videos


  • Player color
  • Show in video intro
    • Portrait
    • Title
    • Byline

Open source player

  • Theme color
  • Controlbar font color
  • Frame color

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