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Some of iThemes plugins may be in Beta status OR may have Beta features. BETA simply means that some feature or specific part of the plugin is currently still in testing mode, and can cause issues if not used properly. All BETA plugins/features are not yet 100% stable, and thus should NOT be relied on to be working properly OR working at all. Throughout the iThemes Codex, any time the word "Beta" is used in any form, it refers to Beta plugins, Beta features, Beta status and/or anything related to the Beta nature that is officially announced or mentioned as such by any iThemes staff or on any of the Plugin pages, or in this Codex.

Beta implies that any new features or plugins are very close to being released as 100% working very soon, and that there may still be some issues to fix or test more before removing the Beta status. Since no single software of any kind can be tested under every system and site configuration in the world, the Beta status enables the Beta features to be tested out by as many people on as many different websites and configurations as possible.

  • Some points to keep in mind when using any BETA plugin/feature:
    • 1 : Make FULL WordPress backups before using ANY beta feature.
    • 2 : Beta means that the current software feature is NOT complete, and that you are NOT forced to use such a feature at all. You are advised to WAIT until the BETA status is removed.
    • 3 : Using any Beta feature of any kind, whether it is an entire plugin or something inside a plugin, means and shows that you are fully accepting any liability for any risks involved.
    • 4 : Using any Beta feature of any kind, whether it is an entire plugin or something inside a plugin, means and shows that you are fully aware that there are all different kinds of risks involved with such features.
    • 5 : If you are concerned about your important data or anything bad that might happen as a result of using any Beta feature, do NOT use such Beta features.
    • 6 : ALWAYS make full BackupBuddy Backups of all your important data before using any Beta software, whether that Beta software is from iThemes or from any other place.
    • 7 : If any issues are found in Beta, they are usually added to the list of bug fixes to be released as a whole, or for the next big update, instead of being updated OR fixed individually on a case by case basis.
    • 8 : Beta features are recommended to test and play with on test sites/servers and configurations with any dummy data, as long as you have full backups of all important data still.
    • 9 : iThemes is not liable nor cannot be held accountable for any unwanted results resulting from the use of BETA features.
    • 10 : The very name and nature of BETA shows clearly, without any doubt, that there will most probably be issues and problems involved when such labeled features are used anywhere.
    • 11 : Support for Beta features may be very limited. We usually simply collect all reports related to Beta features and collect them all for one big update in the future.
    • 12 : If you lose any important data or settings anywhere, or encounter damaged data or settings anywhere, because of any Beta feature, we will not be able to help you and will simply tell you to revert to your previous backups. We will also tell you to always wait for BETA status to be removed before using any such features.

If you do not fully understand what Beta means, OR are not willing to fully accept and be fully liable for any risks involved because of using such Beta software, you should NOT use the Beta software in any manner. In such a case, you should simply wait until the Beta status is removed.

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