What is Builder?

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Builder is a WordPress theme that makes changing the structure of the theme quick and easy.

Most WordPress themes lock you into a specific width, sidebar configuration, and overall site structure. With Builder, the site's structure can be completely changed in minutes without having to know CSS or PHP.

Two main features in Builder make this possible: Layouts and Views.

A Layout is a set of features such as a header, navigation menu, content area with a sidebar, and footer. Together, these features create a Layout that describes what your site looks like.

Layouts are very similar to [1]. Just as a designer will create a wireframe to describe how a site should be constructed, Builder's Layout Editor allows you to quickly tell Builder how the site should be structured. Builder then takes care of turning this concept into reality.

The features mentioned above are called Modules. Builder has a number of Modules such as Header, Navigation, Content, Image, Widget Bar (for adding one or more columns of widget areas), HTML (for freeform HTML and PHP input), and Footer. These modules can be added in any combination, and most can be added as many times as you would like. So if you want to have two navigation menus above your header and another after the content, you can do that. If you want to have a four-column set of widget areas under the content so that you can easily add footer adds, this can be easily added to your site's Layout in less than a minute.