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Advanced Information

How does scheduling work in BackupBuddy?

Schedules are inserted into the WordPress cron system and are executed once by the WordPress actions core at a time which you specify. The action will fire off when someone visits your WordPress site, if the schedule time has passed. A scheduled action cannot occur until someone visits after the scheduled time has passed.

My host blocks Linux command line zip and/or exec()

You can ask your host to allow this. The more people that do, the greater the chance they will do so. You can use this example of what to say: "I am attempting to use a PHP script that uses Linux's command line ZIP executable to generate a zip file. It attempts to run the zip command via PHP's exec() function. However, the script is reporting that it is unable to do so. Is it possible to obtain access to this?"

If I override php.ini with my own, what options could I use?

Here are some recommended values for a custom php.ini:

max_execution_time = 300

memory_limit = 128M

disable_functions =

Does BackupBuddy migrate all links from the old URL to the new?

Yes, except for URLs hard-coded into .php or .html files. BackupBuddy does not alter files to avoid any problems. Under normal circumstances (and proper WordPress practices) you should never encounter this problem.

I dont understand databases!

Think of databases & database servers in terms of a filing cabinet analogy. The filing cabinet is the server. Within the server (filing cabinet) there are databases (drawers). Within the databases (drawers) there are folders (tables). Within the folders (tables) there are rows of data (the pages of paper).

BackupBuddy is leaving temporary files.

BackupBuddy automatically removed temporary files after approximately 12 hours. These files are left there temporarily to assure that remote destination transfers properly finish before the files are removed.

I do not understand databases!

Db explanation.gif