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Version: 3.0.0

Released: 2011-07-06

Release Type: Feature Release

Description: This release has many significant changes. The biggest change is an update to the template file (index.php, archive.php, etc) structure. In tandem with the launch of Builder 3.0, all the child themes have been updated to have a matching template file HTML and CSS class structure. Older child themes will still function properly without updating, but the new child themes will not work properly with an older version of Builder this is mainly due to the new header.php file structure.

There are many features introduced in this release:

  • Module improvements:
    • Added the Header Module as an easy way to add site title and tagline text to your layout.
    • The Image Module now supports an "Automatic" height mode that will automatically determine the height to use for the image.
    • Each module now supports a name. This name is used for the names of the module's widget areas and will show up next to each module in the Layout editor.
    • The Navigation Module now supports an experimental use of the sidebar options. To enable this, you must add `add_theme_support( 'builder-navigation-module-sidebars' );` to your child theme. The feature is experimental right now as none of the child themes have had their styling updated to properly style a Navigation module with sidebars. In addition, the Style Manager is unable to properly style a Navigation module with sidebars at this time. Thus, if you decide to enable this, you must style the affected Navigation areas manually.
  • Added a Header widget that has similar functionality to the Header Module except that you can put the widget in any widget area.
  • The template files have been updated to be compatible with the Loop Standard. This is so that Builder and its child themes are now natively compatible with LoopBuddy and will be ready for it when it is released.
  • Introduced a new feature called Plugin Features:
    • Plugin Features allows Builder and its child themes to add styling and JavaScript to the front-end of the site only when specific plugins are active. This way they can custom tailor the design and functionality of the plugin to better match the design of the theme.
    • The launch of this feature adds some basic styling for Gravity Forms. These styles will be improved over time and additional Plugin Features will be introduced.
    • This feature can be disabled in the Theme Features section of Builder's Settings.
  • Help information is now integrated throughout Builder's editors and settings pages:
    • Each page has a "Help" button at the top-right. Clicking this button will open up a help panel with more information about the page.
    • Tooltips have been integrated throughout the back-end of Builder. These show up as circle icons with a question mark (?) inside of them. Hovering over one of these will display additional information about the option.
  • Extensions have been enhanced:
    • Builder 3.0 now features brand new Extensions. These Extensions focus on different uses of Featured Images that can be added to posts. The old Extensions are available in the Builder/extensions directory in a zip file called
    • Extensions are now able to be in both Builder core and the active child theme. If an Extension with the same directory name exists in both Builder core and the child theme, the one in the child theme will be used. This is so child themes can have their own customized versions of the Extensions.
    • Extensions can now be added to Views. If an Extension is active on both the current Layout and the current View, the Extension used on the View will take precedence.
    • The functions.php file of Extensions now run on the front-end for Layouts or Views that use them and always load on the back-end. This way you can add custom editors for your Extension. A standardized API for Extension settings is being worked on but does not currently have an expected release date.
    • An Extension can now indicate that it disables the theme's style by adding "Disable Theme Style: yes" to the comment block at the top of its style.css file.
    • If Extensions are not used on a site, they can be globally disabled by disabling the feature in the Theme Features section of Builder's Settings.
    • There is now a readme.txt file in the Builder/extensions directory that has full information on building Extensions.
  • New default Layouts are now provided by Builder core. These Layouts are focused on providing a more real-world use of the Layouts feature and show some possible uses that some users may not have thought of. A View that uses the new "Full Width" Layout on archives is now set up by default as well.
  • A number of editor enhancements have been added:
    • To make Views more prominent, they have been moved to a tab above the listing of Layouts.
    • The Layout listing now shows the width of each Layout.
    • Bulk actions were added to the Layout listing. These allow you to show widget areas for, hide widget areas for, or delete multiple Layouts at a time.
    • The new "Widgets" link under each Layout's name in the listing will take you directly to the Widgets editor and will only show widget area options for that specific Layout.
    • When selecting an Extension from either the Layout or View editor, the description of the Extension will now be shown.
  • The WordPress Admin Bar now has a Builder entry when on the front-end of the site. This menu allows you to quickly gain access to Builder settings, edit the current Layout, or edit the current Layout's widget areas.

Important Notes:

  • If you use the Easy Theme and Plugin Upgrades plugin, make sure you upgrade to the new 1.0.0 version before trying to upgrade.
  • Builder Style Manager was updated to 0.4.1. This new version includes support for the Builder 3.0 structure. After upgrading both Builder and Style Manager, your styles can be updated by editing each Style and saving it. This will upgrade the styling to the new format.
  • Exports from older Builder versions can be successfully imported into Builder 3.0; however, exports from Builder 3.0 cannot be imported into older versions of Builder without some loss of information.
  • The updated child themes with support for Builder 3.0 won't work properly on older versions of Builder, but older child themes will work properly on Builder 3.0.
  • To help the iThemes team upgrade all the child themes to the new format, a guide was used. You can find this guide here. This guide is aimed at intermediate to advanced designers/developers, so some may find it easier to take one of the updated child themes as a starting point and make their modifications to it.
  • Additional information can be found in the Builder 3.0 page.

Files Added:

  • extensions/image-grid/
  • extensions/magazine/ (new version)
  • extensions/
  • extensions/portfolio/
  • extensions/post-teasers-left/
  • extensions/post-teasers-right/
  • extensions/readme.txt
  • extensions/slider/
  • legacy_templates/
  • lib/extensions/
  • lib/loop-standard/
  • lib/plugin-features/
  • lib/special-utilities/
  • plugin-features/

Files Updated:

  • archive.php
  • attachment.php
  • comments.php
  • css/reset.css
  • css/structure.css
  • functions.php
  • header.php
  • history.txt
  • image.php
  • images/favicon.ico
  • index.php
  • lib/billboard/
  • lib/builder-core/
  • lib/classes
  • lib/import-export/settings-tab.php
  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/theme-settings/
  • lib/tutorials/
  • lib/widgets/
  • not_found.php
  • page_blog.php
  • page.php
  • page_search.php
  • page_sitemap.php
  • search.php
  • single.php
  • style.css

Files Removed:

  • css/lte-ie7.css
  • css/lt-ie7.css
  • default-layouts.php
  • extensions/blog/
  • extensions/blue-background/
  • extensions/magazine/ (old version)
  • images/arrow.gif
  • images/bg.jpg
  • images/body-bg.gif
  • images/comments.png
  • images/folder.png
  • images/menu-active-bg.gif
  • images/menu-bg.gif
  • images/nav_bg_hover.jpg
  • images/nav_bg.png
  • images/widget_bg_corner.jpg
  • images/widget_bg.jpg