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Version: 3.1.4

Released: 2011-08-23

Release Type: Bug Fixes / Pi Release

Description: I really wished to have something cool for this release (it is the Pi release afterall), but it is merely a collection of some bug fixes.

The biggest fix is some defensive coding added to Builder to protect it against poorly-coded plugins. Often times, plugin authors will simply add their scripts to the entire WordPress back-end. Not only is this the wrong way to do things (scripts should only be added when needed), it can create script conflicts with other plugins or themes. While this fix can correct conflicts presented by many plugins, it was added due to a reported issue of Builder's Module settings pop-up boxes not working when the wpcu3er plugin is active. I've sent details to the developers of the plugin in the hopes that they will clean up some of the problems even though this version of Builder is no longer affected by them.

The other bug fix corrects a styling problem. Before this release, if you nested blockquote elements inside one another and used Builder's default styling, the nested blockquote would increase in size. This no longer happens.


  • Thanks to David Heltemes for reporting the issue with the wpcu3er plugin in our support forum.
  • Thanks to Justin Kopepasah for notifying me of the nested blockquote issue.

Files Updated:

  • lib/classes/
  • lib/extensions/class-builder-extensions.php
  • lib/layout-engine/editor.php
  • style.css