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Version: 3.2.0

Released: 2011-10-06

Release Type: Optimization, Bug-Fix, and Feature Release

IMPORTANT: This release removes both the Billboard and FeedBurner Widget features. In testing, these two features added a significant time and memory cost even if they were not in use. Since not all Builder users use these features, it made sense to break them out of Builder and make them available as separate plugins. Both of these plugins are available for download in the member area for all those with an active Builder membership. If you use one of these features on your Builder site, make sure that you install and activate the plugin version of the feature before upgrading to Builder 3.2.0. Failure to do so will cause your site to not have the widgets and could require you to set up your widgets again once you have installed and activated the plugin.

Description: This release primarily focuses on improving the performance of Builder. In testing, Builder 3.2.0 reduces front-end execution time by 20% and memory consumption by 36% versus Builder 3.1.8. In addition, there are many bug fixes and feature enhancements.


  • Added Pods support via Plugin Features. Builder now properly works with Pods content rendering without requiring the creation of a pods.php file. Use of a pods.php file is still supported, this new feature only takes effect when the template file is not present. In addition, the upcoming 1.12 version of Pods will allow for selection of Layouts from the "Page Templates" dropdown in the Pages setup. This way you can select a specific Layout to be used for different Pods Pages.
  • Added a new theme support: builder-admin-bar. If this theme support is removed, Builder will not modify WordPress' admin bar.
  • Added support for a BUILDER_DISABLE_HTML_MODULE_PHP define. If it is set and true, Builder's Content Module will not run eval, even if it is set.
  • All of the Extensions have been updated to support Localization.
  • Fixed a small bug fix in the Post Teasers Right Extension where a closing div tag had a missing '>' (note: this only affected logged in users).
  • Fixed a bug where an import file with a bad attachment (such as the attachment being deleted on the site before the data was exported) would cause failed imports.
  • Fixed a bug in page_blog.php that prevented More links from working.
  • Removed a warning that would appear in the Layout Editor on servers with open_basedir restrictions.

Files Added:

  • lib/import-export/admin-init.php
  • plugin-features/pods/

Files Removed:

  • lib/billboard/
  • lib/feedburner-widget/
  • lib/shortcodes/

Files Updated:

  • extensions/
  • functions.php
  • lib/builder-core/functions.php
  • lib/builder-core/init.php
  • lib/import-export/class.builder-import-export.php
  • lib/import-export/init.php
  • lib/layout-engine/
  • lib/plugin-features/init.php
  • lib/theme-settings/
  • lib/tutorials/tutorials.php
  • lib/widgets/
  • page_blog.php