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Version: 4.0.15

Released: 2013-01-30

Release Type: Plugin Compatibility, Bug Fix


A bug that created the following warning is now fixed. "Notice: Undefined offset: 16 in lib/tutorials/tutorials.php on line 156"

Many of Jetpack's features unfortunately require special consideration in order for themes to be compatible with them. This release adds a filter that prevents Jetpack's Carousel feature from silently disabling itself on Builder sites. The same type of code is also preventing the Tiled Galleries feature from functioning, but unlike Carousel, Tiled Galleries does not have a filter to prevent it from disabling itself. A solution for this issue is still in the works.

The technical reason for this happening is that Builder makes use of the post_gallery filter in order to make the gallery render more fluidly inside of Builder's content areas. Both the Carousel and Tiled Galleries features of Jetpack attach to this same filter and will simply not do anything if other code has made use of the filter. Thus, while Jetpack reports the features as active, they are in fact not functioning since Builder modifies the gallery. Fortunately, Carousel has a filter that allows other code to override this check as it still functions without issue in Builder if this check is bypassed. Unfortunately, Tiled Galleries does not have such a filter and simply decides to do nothing in such a situation, leaving the feature unusable.

A temporary workaround for the Tiled Galleries issue is to add the following to your child theme's functions.php file (after the <?php line):

function custom_disable_builder_gallery() {
    remove_filter( 'post_gallery', 'builder_custom_post_gallery', 10 );
add_action( 'builder_theme_features_loaded', 'custom_disable_builder_gallery' );

$content_width = 604;

Note that the $content_width variable has to be set to a value that refers to the pixel width of the area displaying the gallery. The 604 number refers to the total pixel width area of the Default child theme's Content Module without any Layout modifications (960 pixel wide Layout with a 320 pixel wide sidebar). Until a better solution can be found, this variable will have to be manually adjusted so that the gallery properly fills the content area. Fortunately, if you are running a responsive Builder child theme, you can set this value to be larger than required, and it will automatically shrink down (this may work in some non-responsive child themes as well, the results vary).

Files Updated:

  • lib/builder-core/
  • lib/tutorials/