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You'll have everything you need for building a WordPress church website with our latest Builder child theme release: Gallery Church — featuring integrations with both Builder Church Block and the newly-released Builder Events Block.

With a bold and modern style, this theme is perfect for church sites that are both welcoming with a fresh, direct message and easy to navigate for visitors.


Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Gallery Church

How the demo site is laid out

As with all of our demos, there isn’t an initial layout that you set for the homepage. With Builder you can create any number of layouts how you see fit.

For this demo, there is a header module with a right sidebar containing the social media icons, followed by a navigation bar module. Then you have a content module with a right sidebar, followed by a footer module.

We've made a .zip file that contains the PSD files used for the "buttons" as well as the social media icons.

You can download it here: