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Résumé child theme has been designed for building a WordPress résumé website.

Résumé features 3 color versions: Résumé, Résumé Blue and Résumé Dark.

Résumé 2012-09-12 11-09-03.png

Live Demo

Blog entry announcing the release of Resume

Résumé Blue:

Résumé - Blue 2012-09-12 11-13-16.png

Résumé Dark:

Résumé - Dark 2012-09-12 11-14-36.png


How to replace image in Header module

Replace wp-content/themes/BuilderChild-Resume/images/site-logo-maroon.png with another with the same name.

Dimensions: 61 x 49.

How to remove image in Header module

Add the following at the end of child theme's style.css (WP dashboard -> Appearance -> Editor):

.site-title {
	background: none;
	padding-left: 0;