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Thrifty is a responsive Builder child theme that has support for:

Note that Thrifty (or any other Builder child theme) does not influence the functionality of the e-commerce plugin. Thrifty has styling and tweaked template files that enhance the presentation of e-commerce plugin's output. It is designed to be a minimal starter theme.

Live Demo

Thrifty Live Demo site

The demo site's layout consists of these modules from top to bottom:

  1. Header Module
  2. Navigation Module
  3. Content Module
  4. Widget Bar Module (empty)
  5. Footer Module

How to set up a e-commerce site with Thrifty and Shopp plugin

Shopp is one of the e-commerce plugins that Thrifty has support for. It is a commercial plugin. Shopp portion of Thrifty is responsive (as well as the rest of the theme).


Set a search engine and human friendly permalink structure at Settings -> Permalinks. "Post name" is recommended.

Activate child theme

Download Thrifty's zip file from Member Panel, upload and activate it like any other WP theme.

Activate Shopp

Download Shopp plugin's zip file (Shopp core) from here. At the time of writing this, Shopp is at v1.2.3. Upload and activate it like any other WP plugin.

These new menu items will get added in the WP dashboard menu: Shopp, Catalog and Setup.

Configure Shopp

1. Go to Shopp -> Settings, Continue to Shopp Setup...

Go through the various settings and fill them out. Refer to links at the bottom of this page (after logging in on their site) for details on these settings.

2. Presentation Settings:

Make sure you have saved the settings that have been entered in the previous options thus far, if any, before proceeding further.

Tick Enable theme templates and Save Changes.

3. Now you are ready to add products. Go to Catalog -> Products. Click Add New. Enter the details and save the product.

2012-11-15 15-18-56.png

Note: In my testing, adding a new category when creating a product entry did not work. I was able to only select a category that I have added at Catalog -> Categories.


Shop page (Products listing page)

2012-11-15 15-10-25.png

Live Demo:

The default view (Grid or List) can be set at Setup -> Presentation. At the same location, default Product Order can also be changed. The out of the box value of Product Order is 'Title'. In the demo site, it has been changed to 'Newest to Oldest'.

Product page

2012-11-15 15-20-38.png

Cart page

2012-11-15 15-22-32.png

Assigning Layouts

By default all Shopp plugin pages like the Products list page, single product page, cart page use the default layout which can be set at My Theme -> Layouts & Views.

It is possible to assign a specific layout to

If you would like to assign a specific layout to other pages like the Products list page, Cart page and more, add the following code at the very end of Thrifty's functions.php:

 * Add Shopp-specific views

function custom_add_shopp_views( $views ) {
        $shopp_views = array(
                'is_shopp_page'    => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Page',
                        'priority'      => '20',
                        'description' => 'Any Shopp Page (other Shopp Views override this one)',
                'is_account_page'        => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Account Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_cart_page'          => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Cart Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_catalog_page'        => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Catalog Landing Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_checkout_page'      => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Checkout Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_confirm_page'        => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Confirm Order Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_shopp_collection' => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Collection Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_shopp_product'      => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Product Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_shopp_taxonomy'   => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Taxonomy Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',
                'is_thanks_page'          => array(
                        'name'          => 'Shopp Thanks Page',
                        'priority'      => '30',
                        'description' => '',

        return array_merge( $views, $shopp_views );
add_filter( 'builder_get_available_views', 'custom_add_shopp_views' );


After adding the above code, new views become available.

2012-11-15 15-47-07.png

Note: Views added by the above code will have precedence over the default views. i.e., If a layout is set for Shopp Product Page and another for Post Type - Products, the one for Shopp Product Page will be used.