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Builder allows the user to quickly create a wide variety of layouts that can have a large number of widget areas. One problem that often comes up is the need to have the same widgets used in widget areas of different layouts.

For example, imagine having three layouts called Home, Blog, and Default. Each of these three layouts uses a two column Widget Bar module for the header. To keep the look of the site consistent, the same widgets should be used across all three layouts. Manually adding the same widgets to each of the three layouts and then updating three sets of matching widgets when any changes need to be made is possible but time consuming and error prone.

The Duplicate Sidebar widget functionality offers an easy way to manage this type of setup. Simply drop the Duplicate Sidebar widget into a sidebar that needs to have matching widgets, and select the desired sidebar from the "Sidebar to Duplicate" drop-down.

Using the widget

Continuing with the example described above, the following will show how to set up three layouts with matching sidebars using the Duplicate Sidebar widget. The image below shows the top of the three layouts: Default, Home, and Blog.


The Default layout has widgets added to it to build a simple header for the site. Now the Home and Blog layouts need to be updated to match. Using the Duplicate Sidebar widget makes quick work of this.

The image below shows how the widgets were used in each sidebar to duplicate the Default layout's widgets.


The image below shows what the header area of the three layouts look like after saving the widget changes:


Creative Uses

It is possible to create a loop of Duplicate Sidebar references. In other words, you can add a Duplicate Sidebar widget into sidebar A that is set to duplicate sidebar B and add a Duplicate Sidebar widget into sidebar B that is set to duplicate sidebar A without breaking your site. This leads to some interesting possibilities.

For example, the following image shows the result of loading a 5 column Widget Bar module with one Text widget and a Duplicate Sidebar widget each. Each Duplicate Sidebar widget is set to duplicate the next column's sidebar with the last one set to duplicate the first one, creating a circular reference. The image below shows the result of this type of configuration:


This is not likely to be useful for many users, but it could be just what you are looking to do.


  • The Duplicate Sidebar widget is a Builder version 2.6.0 feature.
  • The Duplicate Sidebar widget will insert the widgets from the other sidebar in the same location it was added in the widget order. Other widgets can be added above and below the Duplicate Sidebar widget to add additional widgets specific to that sidebar.
  • The widget will not break if you tell it to duplicate its own sidebar. It will simply not display anything in this case.