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Version: 1.2.14

Released: 2012-09-21

Release Type: WordPress Standards Compliance, Bug Fixes, Code Cleanup


The primary focus of this release was to get the output HTML to follow WordPress standards. In previous versions of LoopBuddy, the main post/page div element simply had a class of "hentry." This version added support for adding the standard post/page ID and post/page classes as found in most themes. This was done by adding calls to the get_the_ID and get_post_class functions.

While creating this fix, a bug was identified that prevented query args involving dates and times from being respected properly. This version fixes this issue.

Misc code clean up was done to improve the readability of the code and to remove commented sections of debug code.

A large number of files in the plugin had the execute bit (file permissions) set. This release corrects this by removing the execute bit from all the files.


Thanks to Barnabas Toth and Gavin Webb on the iThemes forum for identifying the standards compliance issue.

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