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The BackupBuddy module will show you the latest backup available for download and allow you to make a new backup from within Sync. It also gives you a feel for whether or not you need to run a new backup with the "Edits since last backup" feature. This is large and up top and will be a red circle with the number of edits made since your last backup. The larger that number grows, the more data you'd lose if you didn't have a backup made with BackupBuddy. So try to keep that circle green with a zero!


As previously mentioned, you can also select either of the default backup profiles (database only or complete) to run a backup remotely on your site. When clicked, you'll see a status message letting you know it is starting on your site, and once it has begun you'll see an updated section in the module letting you know where it is at in the process as well as an alert when it completes.


Refreshing Module Content

You may encounter a time when you need to refresh the content in a specific module. Instead of having to refresh the entire page and wait for each module to reload, you can click the refresh icon in the top right corner and get new data for just that module.

BackupBuddy Page

The full Backup page shows you all of the data that we have from your BackupBuddy installation on your site. This includes all of your backup profiles, which you can run whichever you'd like. You get the same backup process status updates here as you do in the module.

You also have tables of data below that show your backup schedules, profiles, destinations, and even downloads for any files that you have sent to your Stash account.


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